From beginner to advanced, there is a trail for everyone! Beautiful Views Enjoy the beautiful Aspen leaves during the Autumn months Bristlecone Trail Mary Jane Falls Spend a beautiful weekend on the trail
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Hike Mount Charleston

There are 51 miles of trails throughout the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area (Mt. Charleston). Trail times listed below are only estimates for hiking and are useful for comparison purposes. Actual time may vary. Variations of the trails below are possible as trail descriptions are only suggested hikes. Elevations listed are the highest and lowest points on the trail (not necessarily the beginning and end points).

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Mount Charleston Trails

You can Walk, Run or Ride!

From Beginner to Advanced, there is a trail for everyone!


Expect uphill sections that include up to 1,000 feet of elevation gain and possibly uneven terrain.

Who can hike?

  • Young and elderly
  • Someone in fair hiking condition
  • Trails are generally in good condition
Beginner Trail Photo

Echo/Little Falls

Elevation: 7,600 to 8,200     Length one way: 0.8 miles

Estimated time one-way: 20 minutes     Season: Spring - Fall

From Echo Road, cross the Little Falls drainage through forests of Ponderosa Pine and White Fir to the junction with Little Falls Trail where the path ascends to a small seasonal waterfall. The Little Falls Trail is relatively steep but it is only 0.3 miles.

Sawmill Loop

Elevation: 7,410 to 7,490     Length one way: 1.3 miles (Loop)

Estimated time one-way: 45 minutes     Season: Year Round

Wind through Pinyon-Juniper woodlands for fantastic views of Mummy Mountain as the trail emerges in and out of meadow-like openings.


Expect to follow obvious, well-marked trails with gentle grades and few obstacles.

Who can hike?

  • Someone in good hiking condition
  • Trails are generally in good condition
  • Increased mileage
  • Moderate elevation gain
Intermediate Trail Photo

Robber's Roost

Elevation: 7,860 to 8,020     Length one way: 0.7 miles (Loop)

Estimated time one-way: 20 minutes     Season: Fall

Ascend a canyon, loop past caves, a rock-climbing area, and a high vantage point on this very short loop trail.

Fletcher Canyon

Elevation: 6,940 to 7,790     Length one way: 1.6 miles

Estimated time one-way: 45 minutes     Season: Spring - Fall

Hike to a lush spring and then scramble up a steep bed before entering a narrow canyon with limestone walls towering 200 feet overhead.


Elevation: 8,470 to 9,380     Length one way: 6.2 miles

Estimated time one-way: 4.5 hours     Season: Spring - Fall

Starting at the end of the Highway 157 (Lee Canyon), meander through White Fir and Quaking Aspen, then climb exposed slopes to an ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. After passing the junction with the Bonanza Trail, descend into a canyon to the trailhead near McWilliams Campground.

Mummy Springs

Elevation: 8,400 to 9,820     Length one way: 3 miles

Estimated time one-way: 2 hours     Season: Spring - Fall

From Highway 158, hike the North Loop Trail to the “Raintree” (possibly the largest Bristlecone Pine in the Spring Mountains), at the intersection with the Mummy Springs Trail. Gradually descend 1/3 mile to the springs. The maintained trail continues on for a short distance.


Extreme steep uphill sections with loose rocks, more than 1,000 feet of elevation gain, possibly difficult terrain and longer distance.

Who can hike?

  • Someone in excellent hiking condition
  • Trails are not always in good condition
  • Significant increase in mileage
  • Significant increase in elevation gain
Advanced Trail Photo

Cathedral Rock

Elevation: 7,650 to 8,520     Length one way: 1.4 miles

Estimated time one-way: 1 hour     Season: Spring - Fall

Ascend gradually through a mixed conifer forest, then switchback up limestone cliffs to the summit of Cathedral Rock and a fantastic view of the canyon and valley below.

Griffith Peak

Elevation: 8,360 to 10,800     Length one way: 5 miles

Estimated time one-way: 1 hour     Season: Spring - Fall

From Forest Road 104, hike upward through Pinyon Pine and Scrub Oak to Harris Saddle, climb to meadows, a Bristlecone Pine forest and spectacular views, past the summit of Griffith Peak and connect to the South Loop Trail.

Mary Jane Falls

Elevation: 7,870 to 9,270     Length one way: 1.5 miles

Estimated time one-way: 1 hour     Season: Spring - Fall

After a gradual climb up a forested canyon, switchback up a steep slope to see excellent views and Mary Jane Falls. The falls flow heaviest in spring and dwindle to a trickle by summer's end.

Trail Canyon

Elevation: 7,820 to 9,330     Length one way: 2 miles

Estimated time one-way: 2 hour     Season: Spring - Fall

Travel upward through Pine, Aspen and Mountain Mahogany before climbing to the north point of Cockscomb Ridge and the junction with the North Loop Trail.


Elevation: 7,500 to 10,280     Length one way: 15.3 miles

Estimated time one-way: 14 hour     Season: Spring - Fall

From Cold Creek, climb switchbacks to a ridgeline with dramatic views of Pahrump Valley. Hike past Bonanza Peak, Wood Spring and McFarland Peak, before meeting the Bristlecone Pine Trail.

North Loop

Elevation: 8,400 to 11,880     Length one way: 10.3 miles

Estimated time one-way: 8 hour     Season: Spring - Fall

From Highway 158, ascend through forest, wind along rocky canyon walls and finally switchback upward half a mile through limestone and dolomite rock to the top of 11,918 foot Charleston Peak.

South Loop

Elevation: 7,640 to 11,880     Length one way: 8.3 miles

Estimated time one-way: 6 hour     Season: Spring - Fall

From Cathedral Rock picnic area, make a steep four-mile ascent, then climb gradually through meadows and bristlecone pines, before reaching the half-mile switchback approach trail to Charleston Peak.

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